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Ministry of Health
Member Application

V.8. Updated: August, 2023

Detox America is a program of Ministry of Health; a Private Ministerial Association held in Trust. As an program of the Church, you are submitting a member application to join the Ministry of Health.  Members of Ministry of Health operate under common law subject to natural law; the bylaws of Ministry of Health; with the additional protections of the original Constitution of the United States of America.  Members are living men and women; human as defined as form of light manifested in body. 

Statement of Faith

“To assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle us, the members of the Ministry of Health do declare the following: That all humans contain within themselves a fractal of the Divine Source of all life. Accordingly, the life of humans is precious and is to be maximized in its manifest form as it pertains to every aspect of being in the health and wholeness of the individual. Members of the Ministry of Health do come together of our freewill as individuals with sovereign control of ourselves for an agreed upon goal; to maximize the health and wellbeing of all of our members, and by extension our fellow humanity. Our interpretation of Natural Law and Truths contained in sacred or scriptural texts guide our goals, purpose, outputs and activities. The external constraints of the public have no bearing, jurisdiction, authority or influence on our private declaration and commitment to our fellow members.” 

By becoming a member of Ministry of Health, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Ministry of Health’s purpose is furthering the upliftment, enlightenment, spiritual realization, and general welfare of people throughout the world, the betterment of life on planet Earth, and other spiritual, humanitarian, and beneficent purposes.

  2. Ministry of Health is a creation of free men and women to associate with each other in the private domain according to their ministry and talents.

  3. Ministry of Health is a platform on which members may, for Ministry of Health’s good purpose, conduct all manner of private speech and business with Ministry of Health, members, and other associations – keeping all business in the private domain and utilizing the protections thereof.

  4. Ministry of Health is a private, unincorporated ministry that operates outside the jurisdiction of incorporated government entities, agencies, officers, agents, contractors, and other representatives, as protected by natural and common law.

  5. Ministry of Health lawfully stands on the authority our Creator gives to free men and women as revealed in the holy Scriptures.

  6. Members claim the right to freedom of religion, petition, assembly, and to gather in association to assert our protections.

  7. Members claim the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to be free from entrapment or self-incrimination, and the right to freely exercise all other unalienable rights as granted by our creator, our almighty God.

  8. Members decide for themselves which member(s) qualify to provide them counsel and advice concerning all matters, including, physical, spiritual, healthcare, law, and any other matter, and may contract for counsel, advice, services, etc. they believe assist their ministry through Ministry of Health members and partners.

  9. Members have the freedom to choose and perform for ourselves the types of therapies and treatments we think best for diagnosing, treating, and preventing illness and disease and for achieving and maintaining optimum wellness, as well as the freedom to choose any types of assistance in lawful matters and any other private business activity.

  10. Ministry of Health will recognize as a member any man or woman who has joined Ministry of Health or its social media groups and has agreed to the terms of a member.  Those sanctioned, exorcized, or otherwise banned by Ministry of Health forfeit recognition as a member.

  11. Ministry of Health’s trustees, or their designee, may, at any time, terminate my member status should they conclude I am interacting with them or other members in a way that is contrary or detrimental to the focus, principles, and betterment of Ministry of Health.

  12. Ministry of Health is protected and outside the jurisdiction and authority of Federal and State Agencies and Authorities concerning complaints or grievances against Ministry of Health, members, or other staff.  All rights of complaints or grievances will be settled by a Ministry of Health designee, committee, or tribunal and will be waived by the member for the benefit of Ministry of Health and its members.

  13. Ministry of Health and member activity is under common law and subject to natural law.

  14. In my relations as a member, I voluntarily change my capacity from that of public to that of a private member.

  15. My activities within Ministry of Health are matters of private contracts that I refuse to share with Local, State, or Federal investigative or enforcement agencies. 

  16. I do not, and will not while a member, represent any Local, State or Federal agency whose purpose is to regulate and approve products or services or to conduct any mission of enforcement, entrapment, or investigation.  As a member I present myself as a sovereign living man or woman.

  17. All State and Federal public entities, legal persons, offices, officers, agencies, agents and contractors are barred from extracting content from Ministry of Health under any presumption of law without express written permission of Ministry of Health.  All State and federal persons and offices will be held liable in their private and public capacities for any breach of these conditions. Assumed and presumed public statutory authority over the private association and private proprietary property of Ministry of Health, contained and maintained in any site or in any associated physical location is hereby rebutted and denied without a valid quo warranto, express written contract or express written agreement, under authority by the Most High.

  18. My private communication and activities within Ministry of Health supersede all other known and unknown privacy and data sharing consents and agreements. Data collection of any of my private communication, metadata, Ministry of Health activities by any external entity or individual that is not explicitly authorized by Ministry of Health in writing as confirmed by a wet ink signature of a verifiable authorized representative is hereby a violation of my rights, my faith and the privacy of myself and my fellow members. 

  19. I agree to create a more peaceful posterity.  My engagement with Ministry of Health is non-commercial, non-political, is in honor and solutions focused.  Where applicable I understand that Ministry of Health operates by mutual exchange of private gifts only; and all gifting and conveyance are non-cancellable and non-refundable.  I agree that monetary gifts can only be granted, conveyed and accepted. Lawful money demanded as per 12 USC §411.

  20. I agree not to pursue lawful or legal action against a fellow member of Ministry of Health unless that member has intentionally exposed me to a clear and present danger of substantive evil and upon the recommendation and approval of Ministry of Health. I agree that as a Member I will submit disputes that arise to the internal binding arbitration process of the Ministry of Health as the exclusive form of relief.

  21. I may, by written notice to Ministry of Health, withdraw from this agreement and terminate membership at any time. I will only represent myself as being a member if I have a verifiable, active membership in good standing with Ministry of Health.

  22. These pages consist of the entire agreement as a member of Ministry of Health.

  23. I enter into this agreement freely, without duress or coercion.

  24. I hereby exercise my guaranteed right of freedom of association. 

  25. I agree this contract began on the date of my joining Ministry of Health. I declare that by joining Ministry of Health and/or Ministry of Health’s websites and/or social media group(s) and/or programs, I have carefully read this document and I comprehend and agree with it.

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