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Detox America

Detox America is a Private Member Association and integrated auxiliary of Ministry of Health in America.  Unlock site features and member benefits upon joining. Our members believe and take action to support a shared goal of Healing for Humanity: Body, Mind, Spirit.


Founded in response to the urgent needs emerging from a wellness crisis, Detox America emerged as an integrated auxiliary of Ministry of Health dedicated to empowering individuals to reclaim their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Recognizing the detrimental effects of modern-day stressors, toxins, and unhealthy lifestyles, Detox America was established to support our members in a path of personal responsibility and holistic rejuvenation.

Driven by the belief that true transformation begins with self-awareness and personal responsibility, Detox America encourages individuals to take charge of their own health. By providing resources, tools, and guidance, the private member association empowers people to identify and address the root causes of their physical, mental, and spiritual assaults. Through this individual empowerment, Detox America fosters a collective spirit of partnership, encouraging participants to connect with others on a similar journey and work collaboratively towards implementing solutions.

With a solutions-based approach, Detox America emphasizes the importance of evidence-based practices and low-cost, high-impact interventions. By leveraging the growing collective wisdom and experiences of its members and partners, the association identifies innovative strategies to detoxify and reset our bodies, minds, and spirits. Through research, learning, and advocacy, Detox America aims to scale these solutions to reach a wider audience and create a lasting impact on the overall well-being of people and communities. Together, we can embark on this transformative journey, supporting one another as we cleanse ourselves from the burdens that hinder our well-being and pave the way for a healthier, more vibrant future.


Detox America

Across the nation, Americans find themselves amidst a profound well-being crisis, facing diverse challenges that encompass physical, mental, and spiritual realms. The struggles people face ripple through our collective existence, impacting each and every one of us. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we firmly believe that the time has come to embark on a transformative endeavor: Detox America. Together, we can transcend this ordeal and emerge in an elevated state of being. We cordially invite you to join us on this journey, as we unite in sharing resources and actionable steps to detoxify our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Meditating Together

Why A Private Member Association?

We hold the firm belief that purposeful intention and shared agreement are crucial in the manifestation of solutions. We also recognize the profound strength inherent in privacy, fostering an environment where people, both men and women, can engage in their journey in honor with other living souls.

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As a member, access our full-length podcasts, exclusive research, and the resources made available from fellow members and healer community. 

Why We Need to Detox

1) Eliminate accumulated toxins from environmental pollutants, processed foods, and harmful chemicals.

2) Boost Energy & Vitality by improving organ function, improved nutrient absorption & increased energy production.

3) Strengthen the Immune System by consuming foods that reduce inflammation.

3 Simple Ways to Begin Detoxing

1) Hydrate to flush out toxins and support organ health.

2) Eat clean, whole foods and avoid processed foods, refined sugars, and artificial additives.

3) Exercise. It promotes circulation, sweating, and the elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system.

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This is a private website platform and is proprietary in nature and controlled under special private agreement. Detox America, and Ministry of Health is organized to uplift the community through Teaching, Fellowship and Unity. The content on this site is for informational purposes intended only for members as an expression of our ministry to the world. Everything on this Site is based upon our own private opinions, teaching ministry and not to be taken as Medical, Legal or Financial Advice. Members should consult a qualified healthcare provider for all medical matters and an attorney for all legal matters. We operate in honor, trust, and by gift, contribution and donation only. The content and materials herein are not to be obtained in any manner-including but not limited to-recordings, copying of any kind, hand written, etc., from this site by any and all parties without express permission from managing parties. Any downloadable material including but not limited to audio, typewritten or video format is for personal entertainment and individual private learning. All material and experiences provided within our ministry or private members association are private between man/woman who choose to operate in private, and contains privileged and/or confidential information and is for the sole use of the intended recipient; Detox America, and Ministry of Health reserve all rights and are not responsible for individual use by the Members, Users and/or Visitors to this site. All rights are without prejudice and without recourse by the sender(s)! All State and Federal public entities, legal persons, offices, officers, agencies, agents or contractors are barred from extracting content from this site under any presumption of law without express permission by Detox America, and Ministry of Health. All state and federal persons and offices will be held liable in their private and public capacities for any breach of these conditions. Assumed and presumed public statutory authority over the private proprietary property of Detox America, and Ministry of Health, contained and maintained on this site is hereby rebutted and denied without a valid quo warranto, express contract or express agreement, under authority by the Most High.

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